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  • Bladder pain, should I go natural?

  •  lisacolnett

    Hello all, I am experiencing severe bladder pain from a couple of days. I've been to doc, he told it's bladder inflammation and prescribed me a few antibiotics. I just found this source:


    My question is, should I go for natural treatments as mentioned in the above link or continue with the antibiotics?

    Hello, Bladder inflammation or cystitis can caused by bacterial infections and non infectious cystitis. Some examples of non-infectious cystitis :

    • Interstitial cystitis
    • Drug-induced cystitis
    • Radiation cystitis
    • Foreign body cystitis
    • Chemical cystitis
    • Cystitis associated with other condition
    The treatments for cystitis depends on the underlying cause.  If the bladder pain is caused by bacteria, the main treatment will be antibiotics. But if it's non-bacterial cystitis, the underlying cause needs to be investigated and treated accordingly. In that source, we can find how to treat interstitial cystitis. If your doctor suspects your symptoms are due to bacterial infection, such natural treatments may not be suitable. It would be best that you continue with your doc's pres. dr. Tri