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  • Meningitis signs and treatment

  •  Andry Bandaso

    Dear Alodokter, My name is Yuliana Yulin Ukka, Female, 32 years old from Jakarta – Indonesia. I have illness and would like to consult with NUH doctors. Brief info on my illness, Since April 2015 I have symptom of severe headache, stiff neck, some sleepy, some nausea and vomiting; this is happened mostly in the afternoon. I have visited neurologist and neurosurgeon doctors in at several hospitals Jakarta and these are the test and treatment that have been done: Vert Cervical Ap & lateral --> no visible abnormalities in cervical vert (no listhesis, no osteophyte, no narrowed invertebralis discus gap, still good alignment and curvature good Complete blood test --> no negative issue ToRCH test--> no negative issue CT scan Head --> post contrast look enhancement excess at region occipitoparietal and some patchy enhancement parietal left and right at subvertex-vertex area-clinis meningeal sign? dd/small focus angioma parietal CT scan Sinus Paranasalis --> small sinus problem but ENT said no need further action By neurologist doctor, I’ve been stay a week in hospital given infus with injected ranatidine and ondasentron and oral medicine i.e Mertigo, Myonep, Depakote and do infrared therapy around my neck By neurosurgeon doctor, I've been given an injection in the head (Flamicort IM+ Lidocaine Hcl) and oral medicine Ultracet I am not satisfied with the treatment and still experience the symptom. Now i once feel sudden cold and my husband experience that i once had convulsions during sleep. Is this meningitis?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    The best diagnostic procedure of meningitis is lumbal puncture. From lumbal puncture, we can analyse and culture your CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) that we may know if there are any infection, inflammation or other conditions on meninges and brain. But we can do the lumbal puncture if only there are no contraindication like

    • Possible increase intracranial pressure
    • Local infection on skin
    • Clotting abnormality
    • etc.

    Thank you

    dr.Yan william