Tanya Dokter

  • Single spot or bump in my penile shaft

  •  joni12616

    i have single spot or bump in my penile shaft the size is 1-3 mm, the color is the same as the skin around it. not itchy, not enlarged, only visible when erect penis and i have fordyce spots in my scortum. thank you  

    Hi Joni. Bump in penile shaft may caused by 

    1. Lymphocele when hard swelling in penile shaft appears after sex or masturbation because of blockage in lymph channel temporarily. This usually won't cause any problem 

    2. Fordyce spot 

    3. Genital wart

    4. Molluscum contagiosum 

    5. Sexual transmitted disease 

    Consult to your doctor for further examination and information. Physical examination may help to determine the cause regarding of the type of bump. Management of this problem based on the cause. Take good hygiene and get a healthy sex may help for the prevention especially if it is caused by infection. Thankyou, dr Alyssa